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The "Souper Dress" Status $85.00
In the late 1960’s, paper dresses were all the rage! Campbell’s soup sold a screenprinted paper pop art dress inspired by Andy Warhol’s 1962 artwork titled Campbell’s Soup Cans. The ad stated, “Now’s your chance to get the one, the only Souper Dress…a smashing paper put-on that could only come fr
Mondrian Madness Status $125.00
Piet Mondrian was a Dutch painter who is known for a style of painting which he called "neoplasticism." This consisted of a white background with a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and the three primary colors. In the 1960's, several famous fashion designers such as Yves Saint Laurent
Nippon Nobility Status $105.00
On very rare occasions, one comes upon something so exquisite that it takes your breath away. Sylvia felt that way when she first saw this vintage rose gold and black Japanese silk brocade with a pattern of tiny cherry blossoms. Absolutely no one makes brocade like the Japanese. When Sylvia starte
Forever Gold Status $125.00
Sylvia has created a beautiful sea foam green and gold full length brocade sheath for Barbie. On this one, Sylvia has placed the obi bow in the front of the sheath instead of the back so that Barbie can wear her authentic mink wrap and still display the bow. Sylvia is including the sheath, matchin
M'm! M'm! Good! Status $85.00
Sylvia discovered this vintage Campbell's Soup fabric when she was considering making her new "Souper Dress", and she just couldn't resist it. The fabric was so vintage that she could smell the sizing in it. You Barbie collectors know just what that means. This dress is the same pattern as her "Soup
Obi Sheath in Red with Blue Cherry Blossoms Status $95.00
Sylvia has created another fabulous outfit for vintage Barbie from fabric that was used on souvenir dolls that tourists brought home from Japan in the 1960's. This gorgeous vintage brocade has a background of red with blue, gold, and white cherry blossoms decorating the fabric. There are gold metal

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