About Sylvia Campbell's Snowdance Originals and Reproductions

 My dear Friends,

This is a difficult greeting to write. Many of you know that I had a breast cancer diagnosis in 2002 and was in remission. It has returned. I am now diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer. My family and I are devastated, to say the least. I've had radiation and will be on a daily chemo medication for the rest of my life. There will likely be more treatments. I know it sounds really bad, but I have hope.

I won't be sewing in the capacity that I have been. By February, I will be mostly retired. I want to sew as long as I can. Some of the fashions I want to sew are Shimmering Magic and Aqua Elegance. I would like to know what your requests are, and the most popular ones I will do.

I've been sewing reproductions and original fashions since 1994 and enjoyed every minute of it. The people I've met around the world could light up the universe, and, where all things are possible, I have hope. So, I need to put myself first now. Phone calls are painful for me. Please respect our privacy, but we do welcome cards and emails. My Charlot will be there. She's a treasure. Charlot and her husband Bill have run and created my website for many years and made me accessible and successful beyond my belief.

I love you all and will hold you in my heart forever, Sylvia

Snowdance Originals & Reproductions

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