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Please let Sylvia know that both outfits arrived today and that my Midnight Sidepart AG is already dressed in the glorious Gala Abend. She looks stunning; the outfit is stunning! As always, I feel like I'm repeating myself, but the workmanship is incredible. I'm saving Nippon Nobility for a rainy day - but the fabric is just as exquisite as stated. Just beautiful.
Oh, my goodness, the outfit is magical! Thank you so much for making it for me and Barbie :).
Flower Bomb arrived! It's gorgeous, another masterpiece!! I'm putting it under the tree for now - a sweet "surprise" for Christmas morning. Thanks for helping me recreate happy, childhood memories. There was nothing more exciting than receiving a Barbie outfit as a gift for any occasion. Happy Holidays!
I received Pucci Presence and as always I am amazed at Sylvia's miniature couture. This is another gorgeous outfit to add to my collection of Sylvia's wonderful designs and reproductions. I am awaiting the arrival of my Sevinyl doll to model it I wish both you and Sylvia a wonderful holidays season.
I love your work! The dresses are adorable. I love your fabric choices, and thanks for adding the purse; it was a sweet surprise. I'm already planning my next order. I check your site daily, but feel free to email me if you decide to make any more dresses in the Let's Dance pattern. I put that dress on my Brunette #4 and displayed it on my family room coffee table. I never cared for the material Mattel originally used, so I never purchased that vintage outfit. Your design is eye-catching. My husband even said, "Wow, that dress is very pretty!" (He supports my hobby, but doesn't share my passion.) Thanks so much! I'm sure you'll hear from me again very soon.
I received the Sear's Mink and Valentine Dance outfits in the mail today; they are both stunning! After taking a vacation from collecting, I remembered your site and your beautiful artistry in duplicating Midnight Pink and Debutante Ball in pink. I'm ecstatic over my recent purchases and have been enjoying dressing my Barbies in your creations.
I received my gorgeous little Francie dress, and put it on my Japanese Francie. She loves it!! I posted her on FB, but here she is again. I think she looks just beautiful. THANK YOU!!!!!
Wow I'm amazed at the quality of this outfit. So pleased. Thank you
My redhead ponytail repro Barbie looks (blue) fantastic in her new frock. The effect of the blue gown/green stole and red hair are stunning. Thanks again for creating another perfect fashion moment.
Hi, yes please let Sylvia know that I loved the outfit (and love getting her special cards too) when I opened it on Saturday morning….and just to put my mind at ease…is it definitely vintage (as in years and years old) mink being recycled for the shawl? It is going to look amazing on my Japanese (pink skin) side-part American Girl.
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