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Japanese After Five Status $200.00
This is a fabulous exact duplicate of the extremely rare Japanese After Five. Sylvia would like to thank her good Barbie friend Igeana for sending us a picture of her outfit NRFB. This picture is included as a reference only, so that those of you who do not have the Barbie in Japan book can see ho
Peach Plush Status $105.00
There were two outfits on Barbie's earliest boxes which were never produced back in the 1960's, and Sylvia has chosen to reproduce the peach colored dress. Mattel did finally produce this ensemble as a special convention doll in 2009 titled Voyage in Vintage, but it is very expensive and hard to fi
Pucci Presence Status $125.00
Sylvia has created a work of art for those of you who love vintage designer fabrics. This fabulous one-sleeve tent dress is straight from the sixties and the hands of Emilio Pucci, who designed the fabric. Sylvia was able to find authentic vintage Pucci fabric and is happy to offer her newest cust
Shimmering Magic Status $135.00
Sylvia's newest version of Barbie's Shimmering Magic is just stunning! She has found vintage lurex from the 1960's that is an EXACT match to the fabric Mattel used for their sexy silvery/white form-fitting dress. The red acetate satin Sylvia used for the coat is so luscious that Barbie looks just
The "Souper Dress" Status $85.00
In the late 1960’s, paper dresses were all the rage! Campbell’s soup sold a screenprinted paper pop art dress inspired by Andy Warhol’s 1962 artwork titled Campbell’s Soup Cans. The ad stated, “Now’s your chance to get the one, the only Souper Dress…a smashing paper put-on that could only come fr
Beadazzled in Red Status $150.00
Barbie's elusive pink beaded Japanese exclusive dress is recreated in vintage Christmas red acetate satin, a perfect blend to support the heavily hand-beaded bodice. This wonderful dress can be seen on page 50 of Barbie in Japan. Sylvia's version is a wee bit longer than the original beauty. Not

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